On the occasion of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, 3DiTALY and DAMA network have been actively looking on how their long experience and know how in Additive Manufacturing could bring relief and support to thousands of sanitary workers, but also to common people in terms of fighting and preventing the spread of the virus.

The AMable project (funded from the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 768775) is coordinated by Fraunhofer ILT and is participated by a group of people from different organisations that aim to create a new eco-system for the uptake of additive manufacturing. Those people provide a wide based of expertise from technology, business and training. The European Commission supports this consortium under the framework of I4MS with funding from the H2020 framework program and with guidance towards an open platform for European companies.

The prime target group are small and medium sized companies (SMEs) that need support in the uptake of additive manufacturing. AMable aims to empower people in those companies to enhance their skills rather than doing the job for the people. The eco-system however will develop a wide spread offering from scientific support through skills and education to commercial service offers.

In April 2020 the AMable project launched a call for proposal to receive “realistic solutions to a practical challenges in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

3DiTALY and DAMA network applied and SAFEYES has been funded by the Horizon 2020 AMable Project (AMable DC 106). 

The SAFEYES solution

Inspired by the numerous examples of 3D visors made by the makers’ community, 3DiTALY and DAMA network aim has been to improve and customize the products, creating visors for both adults and children that hold-up without the use of bands or elastics so that their sanitation and wearability is simplified, being also light, aesthetically appealing, and even in a folding version so that the product can be easily transportable and storable. 

Based on a design with few sharp corners, SafEYes improves cleanability, easily rechargeable screens with cheap and easily available acetate sheets with holes and other simplified blocking solutions as tracks without having to throw all the frame: the attachments are in such a position to be able to mount A4 sheets with holes drilled by ISO 888 standard punchers.

Such impact is also respectful of circular economy principles and of the environment.

Quality and efficiency of the implementation 

As a screen, the goal is to make the product cheap, easily available, and replaceable by adopting the sheets of transparent acetate in A4 format and designing types of attachments to the frame that make it easy to clean and easily replaceable in the event of opacification, damage, and scratches. In the end, the project team decided to proceed with printable hinges in a single piece and with a single material, since with the bimaterial (while opening to innovative solutions) the potential spread was reduced as printers with more than one extruder are very little developed and expensive

The prototypes

In the pictures below from right to left the initial prototypes presented in the AMable project application: examples of multicolor frame (pic 1,2), customized logo (pic 3, 4), hypothesis of bimaterial hinges for foldable shields (pic 5, one of our three products).

The final products

The Project Team realized multiple videos collecting all the most significative manufacturing procedures and results, uploaded as follows.

First example of manufacturing procedure
Second example of manufacturing procedure
Third example of manufacturing procedure

Furthermore, the technical team also prepared SafEyes shields instructions in Italian and English.

The various manufactured final products and parts are the following:





5) MIX ( Manufacturing, details, shields etc.)

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