EGG FORM born to satisfy three targets: the first is to create objects with 3D printers larger than the standards; the second is to equip these plastic items with a warm inner core; the third is to allow anyone to organize the design of their own home without being limited by industrial standards.

EGGFORM comes from a specific need: to produce large items at low cost and with a high customization rate, competing with classic architectural and interior design products such as tables, chairs, lamps .


The strength of the EGGFORM system is the making process. We use only low cost techniques typical of the digital fabrication: 3D scanning, 3D computer aided design, additive manufacturing.

MIMICRY for example is realized using a 3D scanner to capture textures from natural elements such as the veins of a leaf or the plumage of a bird. MODULON instead takes advantage of CAD modelling; a software recreates sinuous curves through vector mathematics.

Than we export the result in polygonal mesh ready for 3d printing. The material choose in this process is PLA, a rigid biopolymer made of plant suitable for large-scale models.

Some components are made of wood, milled on predefined vectors shapes.


The 3D printed shell becomes the mould for the inner core; different materials such as lime, gypsum, sawdust, jute, hemp, resin, can compose the inner casting material.

The first MIMICRY was built using a compound of gypsum, lime, water, and sawdust. In this case, the PLA shell act as a container and mould for the inner form. The polymer layers and texture allow the filtering of excess water ensuring the mixture greater compactness and strength.

For MODULON was used a translucent resin that allows the LED light to be visible.

MODULON is designed as an expandable system: The individual modules in the sinuous vertical forms can be printed in connection with other modules using thin flexible membranes in PLA. These connections allow creating large arrays in different forms and shapes connected to the base with a resin cast.


The outer skin disclose showing the inner shape previously casted. 3D print became the means, not the end. 3D print is the tool to build simple fascinating furniture using low cost material and techniques.

EGGFORM intent is to rethink traditional construction techniques using keywords as customization and lowering the price.

It's a starting point that opens new paths in the design process.