3DiTALY establishes as an innovative network of "makerspaces" throughout the territory as well as a leading reality for design, 3D printing and rapid prototyping. At Fuorisalone the 3DiTALY's design team presents a new concept for a self made interior design. Three are targets of the project: the first is to create objects with 3D printers larger than the standards; the second is to equip these plastic items with a warm inner core; the third is to allow anyone to organize the design of their own home without being limited by industrial standards.

The dimensions of the objects created in 3DiTALY's laboratories increases more and more, competing with classic products of interior design and architecture, such as tables, chairs and lamps. EGGFORM came as an answer to these challenges: a new furniture concept with high customization possibilities and a huge costs reduction. The geometry is made by 3D printed big size shells. This economical technique works by the stratification of PLA layers. PLA is a rigid biopolymer made of plant. Thanks to the power of next-gen 3D Scanner such as the FUEL 3D the outer skin can be shaped directly from nature, like the veins of a leaf or the plumage of a bird.

The outer shell becomes a mold for the inner core, a casted material that can be composed by dierent materials such as lime, gypsum, jute, wood dust. The result is a new kind of objects, solid as the furniture that we regularly use and at the same time tailored to our tastes.